Critical Ops Hack

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Critical Ops Hack and Game Review: Put Your Tactics To The Ultimate Test!

One of the most popular first person shooter game; Critical Ops is packed with multitude of tournaments and events to compete in. You might find difficulty in aiming, moving, and shooting enemies at the start, so it is advisable to watch the tutorial properly. Moreover, you will even earn few in-game currencies at the end of the tutorial. Once you have completed watching the tutorials, you can start playing the Critical Ops game. However, it is advisable to read this post till the end so that you can learn crucial features of the game.   

Coins And Credits - The Two Main In-Game Currency Of Critical Ops Game:

Coins are an essential in-game currency that is required for buying various types of weapons and gears. In the start of the game, you will have some amount of Coins in your gaming account. Ensure that you use it for purchasing a powerful weapon that you will use for destroying enemies, until you buy another one. You can earn Coins by completing levels successfully. However, if you need some more Coins then you can buy it with Credits.

Credits are the premium Critical Ops currency, which is mainly required for opening skin cases for weapons. You will not be provided with Credits in the start of the game. Some of the ways to earn small amount of Credits are by watching advertorial videos, completing missions successfully, etc. If you want to earn Credits in huge quantities then you can either use Critical Ops Hack or spend real dollars.   

Do The Missions Daily:

Each day you will get missions that need to be completed. You can check your list of to-do missions on the right side of the pause menu. These missions are quite easy to complete, especially in the beginning of the game. Some of these missions are - killing certain number of opponents, making specific amount of headshots, etc. As soon as you complete your mission successfully, you will be rewarded with Credits, the in-game currency. So, you should complete the daily missions every day.

Gain Information On Numerous Weapons:

There is a plethora of varied types of weapons in Critical Ops game. Each weapon has certain amount of pros and cons. So, you need to understand its mechanism before using it in the battlefield. For instance, pistols are handy weapons for short and long ranges whereas shotguns are perfect for short ranges. Similarly, sniper rifles are exceedingly deadly as well as accurate.  

Moreover, if you are using automatic weapons like assault rifles then you can shoot instantly, without aiming on the opponent. However, while using a shotgun you need to first aim and then shoot. If you are very close to the enemy then a knife should be used. You need to select the weapons that you can use comfortably and quickly. Always remember to use specific weapons depending on the strength and weakness of the weapon that your enemy possesses.

Some Quick Strategies For Critical Ops Game:

  • Make use of the swipe-based wheel, which is located at the bottom of the screen for swapping weapons in the midst of a war.
  • If your aiming is bad then use the aim-assist feature so that you can align the shot quickly.
  • Memorize the map well so that you know the areas where there are bushes to hide, open spaces, etc. This will help you to progress in the game with the right equipment.
  • Stay close to your team so that you are never alone and can destroy the enemies jointly.
  • Try to aim for the head as headshots can perform much more damage to the enemies.
  • Do not hesitate to use Critical Ops Cheats for an easier gaming experience.

Make use of the aforesaid tips and Critical Ops Cheats if you want to climb up Critical Ops’s leaderboards or to acquire higher scores by beating your friends.